Looking to purchase bulk quantities of WVO

Garden State Green Energy deals in the purchase and processing of WVO. We are currently looking to purchase up to 2000 MT (~500,000 gallons) per month of raw and processed WVO.

Our purchase of (raw) WVO is based on the quality of the product and the market prices of the Jacobsen Index. Quality is determined by the (FFA) and the (MIU). We also deal in the purchase and sale of processed oil at minimum specifications 2% MIU or less and 7% FFA or less.

If you can supply truckload quantities anywhere in the US, please provide us with the specifications of the product including (MIU) and (FFA) content as well as the location of the oil to determine transportation costs. Please include how much you would like to be paid per pound, gallon, or metric ton and your current contact information. We will try to beat your price and we prepay. Please include your contact information. Thank You.


Leonid Bratshpis
Garden State Green Energy

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