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Has anyone ever actually found a legit buyer or seller on this forum?
I'm mainly looking into the southern California area, so if you have, we should use this post to make others aware of the legit guys, vs the scammers.

Been scammed more times than

Been scammed more times than I can count. Even the guys who front like their legit will eventually screw you. Even if you get paid up front, they will always come back to you saying the MIU was too high or FFA too high and tell you that you owe them money back, or a huge credit on the next load. I got sued over a broker's perception of the quality of my oil...and lost. It's bullshit and that's why I sold my route and got out of this business. I still make bio for my personal use, and kept about 10 of the better collection accounts for myself.
To be a profitable collector, you need something like 800+ accounts (especially when accounting for losses associated with the lazy, scumbag a**holes that steal your oil, rather than setting up an honest business), and several hundred thousand dollars in equipment. You can learn by my mistakes or learn the hard way...but unless you come into the game with 300-500k to spend at a minimum (and really know this business, and what you're doing) it probably wont work. How many oil companies have been around 10+ years?...only the big boys. The small collector never lasts, and that's no joke. 55 gallon drums will only take you so far. To get real oil you will need hundreds of $400-600 steel bins. Also, you must invest in a seperate vacuum truck to do the grease traps with. If you dont do traps, you'll lose the customer to somebody that does. Then comes hydrojetting, meat rendering, and so on.
I believe in bio and wvo, and still tool around with it, except now I enjoy it. Turning a hobby into a business spoils the fun! I learned from my experience and don't regret it. I'd like to help my fellow brothers with some loving advice. This advice comes from 3 years, 100k wasted and a failed marriage. My advice to you small timers would be to: 1) keep collecting your oil and keep your customers happy. 2) Sell oil to who you can or stockpile it. 3) Organize your customers into an excel or access database. 4) Clean up your shop, rigs, equipment, etc. and list it for sale here, ebay, or craigslist (ebay is questionable). Get the most for your business (think...would you sell a car without detailing it or fixing small things? If you did you'd be losing money). 5) Take the money and invest it into something more stable and real, or stash it and get a career. BTW, dont worry about building your brand too much. I spent alot of time and money building my brand with a website, uniforms, etc. Whoever buys your business will likely already be in business and will use their existing name anyways, I wish I didn't try so hard building a brand when it didn't matter in the end.
Hope this advice finds the right person who is, or may end up in the same situation that I did or anybody considering getting into this very competitive and expensive business. I didn't spend all this time for nothing, I hope. Hopefully this will spare somebody some serious agony, money, stress, and frustration. BTW, a failure is somebody that gives up or quits. A success is somebody that learns from life experience, makes the best out of it, knows when to enter a situation, and knows when to get out. A success will plan their exit, not just bail out (a failure will jump off a sinking ship without a thought or plan...a success will plan it out, grab supplies, life vest, raft, booze, hot chicks, whatever :) I consider myself a success and am glad I chose to get out...wasn't forced out due to the inability to make the business thrive, as i'm sure it would have happened if I stayed in the game 6-12 more months. But at that point, I would have probably been very desperate and would have given away the business. Cheers!

Anyone have a contact on the

Anyone have a contact on the west coast for raw or settled wvo for sale. Up to 10K gall a month. Small biofuel companies having a hard time moving their product or ? We pay top dollar.


Well i guess this bio making

Well i guess this bio making business its tougher than i thought,all i want is to produce small quantities for my own use but so far all i have seen is scamers trying to sell wvo,and it seams that we have more demand for wvo than supply,iam yet to find a real wvo seller.

Here is a huge Tip, look for

Here is a huge Tip, look for these signs:
Reputable people will provide real business contacts and email address.

This should be obvious to everyone. He says "his company", but does not post a contact, nor business name, AND uses a gmail account???

I don't have trouble finding a lowes in my area, why, because they are a legit business.

They will provide a name, a contact and an physical address. They also don't have an gmail account when you want to email them.

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