Klean Oil Purification Systems

Located in Chongqing,China, we specialize in designing and manufacturing reclamation equipments for purifying transformer oil, refrigerant oil, lube oil, turbine oil, hydraulic fluids, engine oil etc.With advanced purification technology, our purifiers can rapidly remove impurities from used oil so as to extend service life of oil and increase operating efficiency of machinery. Our products are popular on the world market with high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service.

Our products help you:
• save oil change cost
• solve oil disposal problem
• keep equipment working more efficiently
• protect machinery and reduce maintenance time
• create a cleaner environment

Product line:
1: Engine Oil Regeneration Plant
2: Transformer Oil Treatment System
3: Lubricating Oil Purification Unit
4: Turbine Oil Conditioning System
5: Hydraulic Fluids Filtration Machine
6. Light Oil (Fuel) Filtering Unit
7. Vegetable Oil Purifier
8. Heat Transfer Oil Purifier
9. Centrifugal Oil Filtration Unit
10. Industrial Oil BDV Tester

Contact: Rocky Chen
Skype: oil_purifier_rocky
Mob: +86-15826146151
Tel: +86-23-68681152
Fax: +86-23-68060921


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