Joint venture for 10,000 gallons + wvo per month.


(RE : 5,000 gallons / month of wvo available within 14 months and ability to grow to "limitless" amounts all at 30 cents per gallon.)

My name is Joseph Williams. I own and operate a restaurant in Santee, SC (Lone Star Barbecue and Mercantile) as well as a growing wvo collection business. I have a business degree from Notre Dame and can provide any number of references as to my character.

I have "discovered" a very tangible, infinitely unique method that will lead to the availability of 5,000 RESIDUAL gallons of waste vegetable oil per month within the first 14 months from inception. The volume will grow incrementally and even exponentially dependent on the desire for growth. The volume available is potentially limitless. It is important for you to know that this is a technology driven process as opposed to a more general concept. The wvo will be available / produced at a total cost of roughly 30 cents per gallon excluding delivery.The cost to begin the operation and carry the costs for the first 14 months will total a maximum of $90,000.

I could likely raise that sum in a matter of months. However, I would prefer to partner with a larger entity and, ideally, an end user. I will explain my reasoning for that if we have a discussion. The process is feasible in any geographic area. The business model is very simple and the money invested would have numerous inherent guarantees.

Thank you for reviewing this brief summary. I will look forward to hearing from you if there is interest on your behalf.


Joseph Williams
433 Ballard Lane, Santee, SC 29142

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