Importing yellow grease

Is there anybody out there that has actually imported or heard of someone that has imported oil from overseas?

I am interested in looking into this but am not sure if this is feasible for many different reasons. If you have any information I would appreciate hearing from you


I'm interested as well. I get

I'm interested as well. I get 10 emails a day from these companies saying they have oil in China or Africa but I don't pursue because I assume either they are a scam or not worth the time. But I've heard of people I trust in the industry getting involved. I'm not saying I've heard they've successfully completed any transactions, but there is certainly people out there doing it.

However, the EPA is about to start coming down hard on tracing feedstock back to the source, especially used vegetable oil. They've already done this in Europe and the goal is to determine if its animal fat or vegetable oil.

If anyone has anymore information please either reply to this thread or email me at I wish anyone who tries buying wvo overseas the best, but I'm not willing to be a first mover.

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