I want to but Used Oil/WVO/Slugde/Transformer Oil

I am interested buyer in the following material:

-Used Oil: Minimum 3 million gallons FOB. Calorific Value 18,500-19,250 BTU/Gal;Water<3%;Sulfur 0.5-0.9%;Lead 500-1000 ppm;solids 0.5%;Total Halogens <=4000 ppm.
-WVO (Used cooking oil) Minimum 100k gallons; MIU <2% FFA<10%
-Transformer Oil: Minimum 100K gallons; Type Erwin Oil Free of PCB's
-White Oil: Minimum 100k gallons
-Oil Base Group I/II/IV: Minimum 1 million gallons
- Flux Oil 69/2000: Used pre-heated, dehydrated and no minerals
- Minerals Solvents: Type Erwin D2

We Abyta Bara Utama, sell

We Abyta Bara Utama, sell used frying oil from Indonesia with a capacity of supply of goods up to 500 MT per month with the main specifications max2% FFA and FFA 5% max

You can contact us by email or by phone +61 82216003754

We really look forward to working with you

Bambang Sulistiyono

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