i have cash and can pick up bulk anywhere!

Hi, i'm a truck driver owner operator...I pull flatbed. I bought a conversion kit for my semi and my mechanic is installing it next week... anyways I'm based in western new york state and im willing to drive pretty much anywhere to pick up oil as long as the price and quantity is right (to make it worth my while to do so). I will always be paying cash upon pickup, as long as you can provide me with a receipt. The oil does not have to be filtered or dewatered as long as the price reflects it. I don't really care about the specs of acidity etc etc, as long as the price reflects it. When I pick up, ill be picking up with totes, either to exchange, or you will use your pumping system to fill my totes or I will use my pumping system on my truck to fill my totes...your pumping system will most likely be faster. I will not accept drums in exchange for my totes. If the distance I have to travel is excessive, say like over a thousand miles or so, please keep in mind that if the price isn't good enough, its not going to be worth the drive; you get the idea. Interested in hearing from all those who want my business...my current need is my initial purchase being one load, the max being around 6k gallons. I only currently burn between 500g and 700g per week, but over the next year my need will likely quadruple or more. Email me with a location, price per gallon and quantity, and a phone number if you're interested in my business. Thanks a bunch!

P.s. I would not be unwilling to purchase oil from someone willing to deliver it themselves as long as the price isn't outrageous compared to what I can pick it up myself for. Thanks again. -Garrett

Hey Garrett, I P/U around

Hey Garrett, I P/U around 1,000 Gallons per Month. I settle and filter to 10micron and sell locally for $2.75 Gallon. I can also supply raw(semi filtered) for $2.50 delivered? Not sure if that's out of your range or not? Very little water or animal product. Pretty clean stuff.
Winter p/u will only be around 600G per Month.


My e-mail is Hounds@frontiernet.net.

If you're passing through

If you're passing through Richmond, Va. and are interested in 150 gallons of unfiltered wvo for $2.00 per gal. without water that I have right now mostly in 5 gallon jugs, call Brian at 804-334-2937 or 804-269-5028

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