high fatty acids (soapstock) from soybean crushers process

We are importers/producers of industrial soaps seeking immediate purchase and delivery of soapstock (Fatty Acids) from suppliers. Soapstock is the waste by-product of the vegetable Oil (Soya) crushing process.

Specification required

Product name: vegetable (soya) soapstock (fatty acids)
FFA content: (>=10% and <= 100%)
Moisture: please advise %
Impurities: please advise %
Quantity: 1000 metric tons per month for 12 months dependant on price / quality
Destination Port: Mersin, Turkey

Our target price is $150 per metric ton dependant on quality (more moisture/water and more impurities = less quality) Please provide us with a favorable price and target delivery date. Additionally, please quote the reference TK-030-213 in the subject line when corresponding with us regarding this RFQ. Thanks

We can supply you with the

We can supply you with the used cooking oil for making soap we are located in Cincinnati Ohio and we can meet your target price per metric ton of $150 each metric ton fob please advice if interested , our e mail : hsi2048904@aol.com
you can come and visit us all our sales on prepaid basis come and see and pay and pick up

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