Hello Everyone - Another WVO Question

I am looking into trying to start gathering WVO on a semi small scale. I have several connection in my area.

I have read topics of it being sold for over a 1.00 a gallon straight?

I would be only using up to 500 gallons myself per month and would sell off the extra.

What is the current market yeilding for purchasing waste vegtable oil.

I have an automotive business and a couple fuel additive products that I sell.

I am in southern cal.



Price for wvo (April 2008)

If you are asking how much filtered wvo is sold for, I have seen it sold for $1.50 to $1.75 per gallon (it is April 2008 as I type this). this is filtered to 5 microns ready to put into your fuel tank.

If you are asking how much people are paying restaurants for their wvo, this is less. We pay one restaurant manager $30 per 55 gallon barrel. for this price, he trains his staff to keep the oil clean. they don't pour water in or dispose of other waste in that barre.



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