From Grease to grit, lint to municipal sludge, food wastes to septic

Southwaste Services
Liquid Waste and Disposal Management
Locations: San Antonio,TX (210) 621-2411
Austin, TX (512) 339-6591
Dallas, TX (972) 406-1215
Houston, TX (713) 490-7940
Orlando, FL (407) 812-5599
Groveland, FL (352) 557-4966
Corporate Office (713) 413-9400

Southwaste provides a comprehensive solution for liquid waste collection, processing and compliance for all types of waste generators.From grease to grit, lint to municipal sludge and food wastes to septic, Southwaste can meet all your non-hazardous liquid waste transportation needs. Unlike most, Southwaste also boasts proprietary disposal facilities in most major markets we operate in. Fully permitted and staffed with trained professionals, Southwaste customers can be confident in the handling of their waste materials.


Orlando, Florida

Contact Info: 

(407) 812-5599

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