For sale:New Racor Vormax heated filter and Pollock 6 port valve

New R90T filter and everything on the vormax hasn't seen any veg. $289

Pollock 6 port with switch and forget to purge buzzer; has been wired and ran diesel for a few weeks, but the switch hasn't even been flipped, other than to check it. $75

Plant drive wants a 25% restock fee so I figure I'll just try and unload it here, for the same amount, instead.

I would also be interested in trades for a vegmax and 2-3port valves.

paypals fine and I'd split shipping so its not a factor from AK.
PM me or Email is: dien2ride AT hotmail

96 Dodge WVO with vegmax, 26hotplate, 2-3 port valves


DO you still have the Vormax for sale? and where abouts are you located?

Thanks, Steve

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