FOR SALE - Converted 1983 Mercedes Benz 300D in L.A.

Selling my WVO converted 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D. The veg oil system is in great shape but the rest of the car needs a lot of work. Converted by Dave at Fossil Free Fuels in Braddock, PA. Love this car, but i'll be traveling out of the country for a bit and don't have the money to fix it up or the time to find another Mercedes to put the veg oil system in.

Perfect for someone looking for a reliable WVO system to install in another car or someone willing to put a lot of work into this vehicle as is.

- diesel engine with 350,000+ miles
- glow plugs work well
- automatic windows & sunroof
- new, aftermarket stereo with CD player and auxiliary input
- rust (under car and by the driver's side rear wheel)
- rear-axle may be bent due to an accident a previous owner was in (driver's side rear tire slants inward)
- hood very slightly buckled on driver's side (also due to accident previous owner was in)
- brakes need work
- A/C does not work, but the heat works great!
- power locks not functioning
- automatic windows work (rear driver's side needs a little coaxing)
- radiator hose epoxied to fan (came detached recently)
- windshield washer fluid system not working
- oil line to dash cluster is broken and oil leaks into driver foot-well

Waste Vegetable Oil System details:
- 4 years old
- VO Controller
- Auto Purge Feature
- all aluminum components
- hose in hose
- split tank
- flat plate heat exchanger

Email me at for photos or if you have any questions. Asking for $950 but open to offers!

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