Driving from NYC to NOLA June 6-10, Looking for WVO Fill ups along way


I am driving in the Big Apple to the Big Easy (BABE) Rally on June 5-10 2011.

I am looking to do this road rally on grease. I am looking for anyone willing to help us out a long the way. We will have filtering capabilities if necessary. Our cars tank is only 20 gal, so we would probably not be needing more then that at any one stop. Would prefer not to pay for wvo, but willing to consider if prices are reasonable. Yes, we are looking for charity :)

I do not know our exact route, but I do know the start and stop locations. If you are reasonably in the path between two points , please let me know.

We will be departing from Station Island, NY on June 6th, and arriving in Harrisonburg, VA that evening.

June 7th Departing Harrisonburg, VA arriving in Murphy, NC that evening.

June 8th Departing Murphy, NC and arriving in Fort Payne, AL that evening.

June 9th Departing Fort Payne, AL and arriving Lincoln, AL that evening.

June 10th Departing Lincoln, AL and arriving New Orleans, LA that evening.

If you are along the way and have some wvo to spare or know a restaurant, ect. willing to share, please let me know and maybe we can schedule a pickup.

We will also be returning from New Orleans to Pennsylvania on June 12-13-14? and could use wvo then as well.

Thanks in advance,

Eli from Team #51 BABE Rally 2011

Contact: delirium87 at hotmail dot com


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