Dallas WVO

Im looking for a alternative source of WVO before I make the commitment to convert to run SVO. I plan on collecting the WVO and putting together a filtration setup, but want to be prepared to purchase WVO if need be..
Im located in the DFW area more specific in Mesquite, TX..
if your in this area and can provide WVO or know of someone who can please let me know..
thank you..


Dallas WVO

I'm actually in the same boat... I'm looking for some WVO in the DFW area. Please let me know if you find anyone! Ill also give you a heads-up if I find anything.

i am also looking for a

i am also looking for a source of w v o for alternate fuel source, preferably S. Tarrant, or N. Johnson county. I am set up to filter, and would invest in whatever it took to collect conveniently, or purchase at a reasonable cost from someone who was already collecting and had a surplus from time to time. Contact me at stephelec@hotmail.com. Thanks for reading.

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