crude oil is $2.38 a gallon, wmo should be less than a buck

Too many people trying to sell something that has a value of less than a dollar for way more. Get real people! WMO and WVO should go for .55 to .75 a gallon. US dollars! STOP making something into something its not or it will end up all over the ground contaminating the water supply.

You are a Dumb ars!! I get

You are a Dumb ars!!
I get paid $2.00 per gallon for bulk tuckloads!!
used oil going for recycling to EPA facilities.
We move 2 million to 3 million gallons per year for re-refining.
Some of us have been doing this for 30 years professionally.
you must be unemployed!!
Sorry for your hard times and your udder studpidity!!
get a job LOSER!!

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