Crude and Refined Soybean Oil for sale

We are manufacturers of Crude and Refined vegetable oils Based in the Cameroon and we have bulk quantities as well as small quantities of Crude and Refined soybean Oil, edible and non edible oil.We have very efficient methods of packaging .get back if you are interested.
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used cooking oil

I am just getting into the bio fuel areana. I live in the Spokane Washington area and bio-fuel is somthign we only hear about. I need a steady supply of low cost used cooking oil. Can you ship in 55 gallon drums? If so, what would it cost?

55 gal drums & oil for free

Go to Spokane Airport or call them...their field maintenance will have some. Usually they have dozens of them because rubber remover comes in them.

Also, fire departments. You'd be surprised. I work at DIA and its the same for us, you guys wouldn't be too much different.

Rubber remover is kinda like Dawn dishwashing liq...just rinse it out and towel it dry and you are good to go.

Lastly, get free oil at asian establishments...not to mention vegetarian places. Sushi places are primo too!

Put your money away, you'll need it for filtering and other things!


Are you in the Spokane area? If so, what are you selling the wvo for?

I have no problem coming up with oil drums, it's the wvo I can't find. I'll start with the establishments you mentioned.

Thank you


I see it this way...if you eat at a restraurant and you like it, get to know them. Once they know you they will hook you up!

Think about it..if you were the owner would you give another oil if they didn't eat at your place?

Im in the Boulder Colorado area.

Fry On!

used oil collection

many states have laws regulating collection of used cooking oil. You may be required to be a registered and licensed business, so watch the advise you are giving people. Also, for those of you using svo/wvo to power your rides, you still owe state and federal fuel taxes per gallon, so keep that in mind. Govt can catch up to you and levy fines and back payments for all veg oil fuels you use to drive on a road.

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