CHICAGOLAND: ISO 1,000 gallons WVO


Regular purchaser of WVO looking for 1,000 gallons of raw oil.

Prefer to purchase settled oil from 275 gallon totes for inspection purposes. If it looks like Maple syrup, I'm intersted. If it looks like creamy chocolate milk, let it settle until it does.

I use 300 gallons of oil a week through the spring, summer and fall, and typically purchase larger quantities: 1,000 plus. 275 gallon purchases are acceptable in the Chicago-land area. When I'm buying in bulk, I try to buy from sellers within 200 miles of Chicago.

However, if you are centrifuging oil and can accomondate a semi tractor at your location, please contact me. I'll pay a premium for de-watered, centrifuged, tank-ready oil while on the road (I typically drive in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and sometimes Tennessee).

Because I receive a lot of calls from telemarketers, please text me first. I'll call back asap. And if you're from Africa, piss off. Don't waste my time.

Purchase price depends on quality, quantity and distance from Chicago. Cash on collection.

PATRICK: 630-200-0810



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