Cheap BioDiesel filter to 3 Microns – Bypass system for class 8 trucks

I bought a pallet full of OilGuard bypass filters for large Class 8 trucks. I sold 2 of them to a guy who uses them to filter out SVO directly from the source into his truck and he has had really good luck with them. The filter element is about 11” long so it will filter out a lot of fuel before getting clogged, especially if you have some kind of pre-filter attached, and it will work all the way up to 150 PSI. They are a bypass filter used for oil and are a great thing to have on your truck if you want to extend your oil changes and save money. They are on Ebay, listing: 220878497232 For $225.

The kits are $595 retail at – they are not the ones listed on the website, the ones I have are for large fleet vehicles like Semi’s, buses and dump trucks, but they will work for oil on diesel trucks down to ¾ ton. However for Veggie oil they are perfect because it is such a big unit.

I need to sell these quick and I will drop the price if someone buys a couple dozen for re-sale. Ebay is also taking a 9% cut so I would love to deal outside of ebay, and I will drive them anywhere in the Midwest if someone wants them all for resale. Email me at

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