Have 1000 gallons of top-grade WVO available in Charlotte. Gravity separated, de-watered, filtered to less than 10 microns (can filter it down to 2 microns upon request, at additional cost). 250 to 1,000 gallon increments: $1.75 per gallon, you arrange pick up from our location (easily accessible for larger trucks). Will deliver in the Charlotte area for additional cost, provided you have 275 gallon totes or greater to fill. 704-728-8414

I will buy all of your

I will buy all of your grease for .50/gallon...with gas prices the way they are right now you cant make biodiesel cheap enough to be profitable...that price would have still been too high three months ago when diesel was at $4.00/gallon. If you find someone to but it let me know and I will sell them what I have at that price. Rack rate for premium biodiesel (B20) is only $1.83 today.


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