Call Me To Sell Your Grease Anywhere Nationwide. 6,000 Gallon Minimum Per Pick Up. TOP DOLLAR PAID...

I am in search of new sources that can supply at least 6,000 gallons of processed UVO/WVO per pick up.

If you are in search of a new dependable way to sell your UVO/WVO "anywhere" in the United States call me!


Call Frank 631-235-3900

Sir we are supplies from

Sir we are supplies from Cameroon and can supply at least 6,000 gallons of processed UVO/WVO as soon as you are interested in doing business with us please contact us for more information's on our personal email address at

be nice to read from you

Small collection company

Small collection company located in South Florida can provide a GUARANTEED steady supply of 8000 Gallons PER WEEK of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO/UCO).

All solid particles larger than 1/8th inch have been filtered and removed. Water has been settled and separated out.

Terms & Conditions:
8000 Gallons Per Week at $2.00 USD per gallon.
Customer must pick up at this location in Miami, FL
Cash on Pickup Sales or Pre-Pay only. (certified funds or wire transfer)
Our location can accommodate tanker trucks and can pump directly into the trucks.

Call 304-460-0091. Leave a message with all of your contact information and we will call you back.

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