Buying WVO in Wisconsin

Fusion Renewables are buying raw or processing WVO in Wisconsin. We are located on the Port of Milwaukee and can take in volume any where from 100 gallons to 100,000 gallons. We can pick the product up from you or have you drop it off at our facility. For raw oil that we have to pick up we will pay $1.50/gallon depending on the quality. For raw oil dropped off we pay $0.04/lb under the Jacobsen Yellow Grease price and then adjust based on quantity. Processed oil that meets our specifications will obviously receive a higher price. We can also help you gain higher volumes in collections. We have worked with over 30 collection companies in the Northeast and Midwest. We provide financing, marketing & operational support, and municipal support. Fusion will also take in oil in the Chicago, Kansas City, and Louisville areas. Give me a call at (914) 799-5413 if you are interested.



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