Buying used cooking oil

Now buying used cooking oil in the Tri state area and NJ.
We are a fully licensed Biodiesel facility in New Jersey, 15 minutes from Brooklyn, and 30 minutes out of the city.
Paying $1.30-$1.75 depending on quality and quantity.

Please respond via email with specifications on oil quantity
And quality. As well as your contact information and we will
Respond as soon as possible.

Alex Ryan


New York five boroughs and New Jersey

Contact Info: 

Alex Ryan 201 759 9373

Hey alex my name is Derrick

Hey alex my name is Derrick and I'm looking to sell my used cooking oil.I own a uco company in jackson nj near great adventure..I can start by selling 4000-5000gal a week with a water content under 25%. I am ready to sell ASAP and looking to get half the Jacobsen,if you are interested please contact me at 7324929575 or at yandsindustries@gmail

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