Legit Brown Grease Supplier In Southeast

Have a feedstock of Raw Grease Trap waste of approx. 300,000 -400,000 Gallons of raw Grease Trap Waste weekly which will processed and yield approx. 2-3 Tanker loads + ( 13,000-18500 Gallons , 1 tanker load holds approx. 46-48,000 pounds )

Product can be processed to less than 3% M.I.U., F.F.A. Varies.

Intrested parties can E mail their needs, questions and specs. along with their name, company name, address and contact information and we will contact you.

NO Brokers, End users only

We use our own product as fuel in our Boiler after filtering with no problem.

Tanker Delivery available

Samples are available

Please send e mail correspondence to:

Thank you

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