Biodiesel Processor - Precision 300 by Biodiesel Experts for Sale - USED

My client has a Precission 300 biodiesel reactor by Biodiesel Experts International for sale. The unit is currently in operation. Environmental permits were attained and the producer was able to get ASTM certified using the equipment after some modification.

The company is looking to expand and free up capital by selling this reactor. The reactor was "customized" to improve the fuel quality and methanol recovery system.

The PLC and automation was disconnected since the modification required reprogramming to maintain automation. The equipment is currently being used in "manual" mode (flip switches) however the PLC could be reprogrammed if automation is important to you.

For more information on the reactor, please see the manufacturers website. (picture of the smaller Precision 100 unit)

The Precision 300 was well over $100K new. Accepting best offer.

Anyone considering buying the Precision 100 unit should consider buying this used 300 unit. You will get 3x the machine at about the same cost.

Contact me directly with offer.

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