BROKERS BROKERING OIL.....2-3 levels deep. Its getting rediculous. To all the uvo collectors looking to sell your oil beware. There are many fly by night guys with no facilities, no permits etc. trying to make a killing off your hard work. Selling to a processing center and capitalizing from your hard work. While giving no supprot or service to you the collector.

As a collector you want to be aware of several people out there trying to capitalize from your hard work. when looking for a facility that will purchase your oil keep in mind you want to build long term relationships and get the everyday support from the shop that will keep you working and earning money.

Be careful of the high prices to lour you in and set you up for the bait and switch. Then having no where to sell you oil. When selling oil to someone, do your research and always sell directly to the facility.

Well your just an idiot if

Well your just an idiot if you say there are no legit companies on this forum. Sorry you can't afford to keep up wirh the big boys. I thought that was a true post you commented on. Good luck with your negative views and lonely life. Lol

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