Barter/Trade/Sell WVO in DC Metro Area

I jumped the gun and started collecting oil before I even had a running vehicle. Some of it is already filtered and some of it has yet to be filtered. The boxes are unmarked. It's fryer/veggie oil. I probably have 200 gallons of it or so on hand right now. More coming weekly.

Anyway, I want to trade it or sell it. (1) I'll trade it towards the planning and installation of a svo system in my truck (when I finally get it running). (2) I'll trade it towards wvo/svo system parts that I'll need to create my system or (3) I'll sell each cube at $4/box (80-90 cents a'll have to process it).

I'm open to other offers. Please get in touch with me at I'm located in DC, close to Southern MD and Northern VA :-)

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