Attention collectors in NY,DE,MA,MD,NH,NJ,OH & CT,PA,RI,VA,VT.ECT

Classifieds,buyer,CT,DE,MA,MD,NH,NJ,ny,OH,PA,RI,uco,VA,VT ... and beyond
Looking for truckload quantities of used cooking oil. We will beat your current price, and we PAY SAME DAY. We have our own tankers and will pick-up the materials from your location. Also, we accept delivery of used cooking oil to our facility's in central NJ ... PA and NY for smaller quantities.

Please contact UVO Joe at 516-708-7614 or email me at in order to discuss volume, MIU & FFA content, your location and target price. Please, only contact me if you are serious and ready to do business.

again we are still hear ... running full speed

thanks UVO JOE '''''''''''''''''''''

I'd like to know if I brought

I'd like to know if I brought or shipped four hundred gals. of wvo to you, where should I send it and what price do you pay to beat the current price? Also, how will you pay me upon delivery? If you are interested in buying between 400 and 500 gals. of raw and unfiltered wvo, please call me at 804-269-5028. We have spoken before. Thank you - Brian

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