Attention collectors in NY, NJ, PA, MD, MA, RI, NH, VT, DE, VA, OH & CT

Looking for truckload quantities of used cooking oil. We will beat your current price, and we prepay. If need be, we have our own tankers and will pick-up the materials from your location. Also, we accept delivery of used cooking oil to our facility in central NJ.

Please contact Leo at 732-416-8507 or at 908-461-5087 in order to discuss volume, MIU & FFA content, your location & target price. Please, only contact me if you are serious and ready to do business.

!!!!Someone has been replicating my postings on good grease. Please don't deal with the fakes and phonies. We are a legitimate company. Don't contact a scam artist who can't even create their own posting and must re-post mine word for word. !!!!

hello, my name is Brian. I

hello, my name is Brian. I know you're looking for truckloads, but I got 350 of raw cooking oil that I will sell for $2.00 per gallon to the first buyer. If you have a truck down this way and it not fully load and you're interested in 350 gallons more, call me at 804-269-5028.

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