ASTM D6751-08 Biodiesel for sale with RINS or filtered dewatered yellow grease for sale by the truckload INDIANA

We are a biodiesel producer in indiana registered with the EPA and IRS. Biodiesel is available cheap if you can use the RINS. As a producer we no longer have a market for RINS due to changes in the marketplace. This changed has forced us to sell to a party that needs RINS or we may also just sell the vegetable oil. The oil is filtered to 1 micron and dewatered to less than .1% FFA should average 6-8% and we have seperate loads around 1-2%. We can also pretreat the oil for a biodiesel producer so that all oil will be around 1%FFA located near Ft. Wayne Indiana about 6000 gallons a week available. 260 224 1965 Jason

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