99 f250 Used Greasecar System For Sale - $2000

I have just removed my 3.5 year old Greasecar system from my 99 f250 and have it for sale. This system ran like a charm for years of great service. Then the time came to sell the truck, but I did not get any interest with the system installed. Here is what you will get:
Greasecar system with co/Pilot and 40 gallon tank
Brand new and never installed SV200 valves

Greasecar Deluxe Home Filtration system: pump, upgraded fuel transfer line, filter housing, nine 1 micron filter bags, ten 5 micron filter bags, two barrels if picked up (one for settling collected oil, one for settling 5 micron filtered oil)

Super sucker collection tank: 60 gallon air compressor tank, vacuum/pressure pump

Most of the system is still assembled, so the install will be easier. All components are in good shape.

Video of collection and filtration set up:

Video of truck running with system installed upon request.

Bobby Bardin

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