96 GMC Vandura 3500 6.2l shorty WVO/diesel school bus for sale

I am trying to find a new owner for Bless the bus. Canada won't let me import because of an rv conversion to a school bus...oy! She only has 92K on her, 6.2 ltr engine, 19' ft short, w/ propane/12volt fridge, gas stove/oven, sink, queen bed space, 60 gal custom WVO tank, successfully running WVO for 4 years. Loads of receipts for work she's received. Would consider partial trade for wvo stationwagon, truck or van that Canada will accept! See for details:
Optional is a 2 year old enclosed trailer, new $2700 5x8 trailer full of filtered fuel for $2K

apologies! I didn't realize I

apologies! I didn't realize I need to check back...thought postings would go to my email. The bus is on the other side of the country in WA. state...wah! I LOVE Donna the Buffalo...Conscious Evolution!!!
Have a blast...!!!

Apologies! $8500 ideally.

Apologies! $8500 ideally. I've got about $17K in her bec/ I paid a middle party for the short bus...took forever to find a short diesel combo..so $9K...then $3500 for the rv conversion $3K for the custom tank and veggie conversion, have receipts for all the rest, brakes replaced, alternator, starter, ignition replaced, new tires (3 yrs ago, but low miles on them), etc.
She's located in Skagit Valley, Washington state.
email me at bridging@telus.net for more info

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