'87 300D 104K Miles W/ Greasecar Kit

I am parting ways with my '87 300D. The car has 104K miles on it. I haven't looked into it too much but the odometer works and I trust the person I bought it from, who said the Carfax reports confirm the mileage to be legitimate. Cosmetically the car looks quite good. The exceptions are a scuff across the front passenger door (resulting in a couple small rust spots) and a cracked fog light lens. Otherwise, the car has no significant rust. Mechanically I don't have much to complain about. The engine purrs like one of these should; transmission shifts strong; steering and suspension are tight--its amazing how such a big car can throw its weight around-- and brakes seem to perform flawlessly. There are a couple small oil leaks but nothing that affects the engine oil level.

As far as accessories go: the climate control works perfectly; I'm not sure if the A/C works or not as it hasn't been hot enough to tell; cruise works; all vacuum system components work (sometimes the front passenger door doesn't lock automatically); the sunroof doesn't work but doesn't leak; leather interior is in perfect condition; the dash has a couple small cracks in it; windshield is good. The car started down to -15 F this winter (without being plugged in) but likes it more if it is plugged in for a little bit.

The work I have done since owning it: new glow plugs, replaced o-ring and copper washer seals on IP output, injectors rebuilt by Sean with Hessian Imports (using new Monark injector nozzles), and new serpentine belt. I just finished installing a 2 tank "Greasecar" WVO conversion kit with their 18 plate FPHE, which brings me to why I am selling the car.

I am selling this car because I bought it to convert to WVO. Upon doing so, I realized several things: 1: I don't really drive that much--making the payoff of WVO less. 2: I am starting graduate school soon and don't have the time to collect and filter veggie oil. Another large factor is that I am renting and due to faltering landlord/ tenant relations I am no longer able to work on the car here or filter vegetable oil here.

That's the scoop more or less. I'm sure I've forgotten things so please write me with questions if you have them. The car is located in Madison, WI and I am asking $3500. I also have a 55gph centrifuge setup that I could include with the sale for a reasonable price.

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