8000 Gallon per WEEK guaranteed supply of WVO (South Florida)

Small collection company located in South Florida can provide a GUARANTEED steady supply of 8000 Gallons PER WEEK of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO/UCO).

All solid particles larger than 1/8th inch have been filtered and removed. Water has been settled and separated out.

Terms & Conditions:
8000 Gallons Per Week at $2.00 USD per gallon.
Customer must pick up at this location in Miami, FL
Cash on Pickup Sales or Pre-Pay only. (certified funds or wire transfer)
Our location can accommodate tanker trucks and can pump directly into the trucks.

Call 304-460-0091. Leave a message with all of your contact information and we will call you back.

1) Yes, this is a brokered

1) Yes, this is a brokered deal, but the price is set and the buyer does not have any additional costs.
2) This is not a scam, you are welcome to pick up a sample of the oi
Prior to purchase to test for quality.
3) This oil has nothing to do with a company called 'Oil For Less'
4) if you would like to accuse me of something, call my phone number, set up an appointment and we'll discuss your concerns. This isn't a scam.
5) This add is actually redacted. The supply of oil has been spoken for an is now under a sales contract to a buyer in Texas.

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