720K Gall/Year Biodiesel Plant Equipment for Sale

Never-Used Biodiesel Plant Equipment for sale. Any serious offer considered. May sell items separately upon request. Current location is Northern Virginia. Please factor freight into your budget- this stuff is heavy. Email funderterre@yahoo.com.

Pre-heater and de-water tank- used to pre-heat the WVO to near operating temperature of the reactor vessel and will also boil off any water in the oil.

RF-400 Reactor- does the actual work of converting WVO into biodiesel. it operates at 1 bar pressure and 90C to product 98.5% converted biodiesel in 45 minutes.

Heated Magnesol Wash Tank- Heats the raw biodiesel to remove excess methanol by heating the solution to the boiling point of the methanol (145F).

Biodiesel Centrifuge- Spins the biodiesel at several thousand RPM's to force the heavier magnasol out of the biodiesel. The clean biodiesel can then be sent to a tank for final purification.

2 Stainless Steel filter housings and filters. The first filter removes 100 micron and larger particles. The second filters 25 micron and larger particles.

Polishing Unit and Tank- Filters remove the last remnants of water or magnesol left in the biodiesel.

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