55 gallon barrels food grade plastic and steel

Colorado Zero Waste LLC 303-335-7540

No minimum orders
55 gallon closed top food grade plastic barrels, contained EDIBLE
flavoring syrups like orange, grape and others. In outstanding
condition. There is an ounce or two of the product left in each drum,
but it is fully water soluble and you can wash them out in 2 minutes
with a garden hose.  Excellent for your composter, rain barrel,
hydroponic, aeroponic or permaculture projects.  $20.00ea

55 gallon open top steel barrels with lids and rings, previously
contained citrus juice concentrates, clean. $20.00ea

We carry other barrels that are not EDIBLE food grade for as low as
$10.00ea - please visit our
from more information: http://www.coloradozerowaste.com

As always quantity and frequent
shopper discounts are available.

Call 303-335-7540 or
email eric@totesandbarrels.com

We also carry a large
inventory of USDA Organic 275 gallon IBC ( Intermediate Bulk
Containers ) totes which are excellent stackable water tanks.  $90.00ea

Quick, local delivery is available. LTL freight quotes are
available as well, we can load trucks at our warehouse.

Virtually all common forms of payment are accepted with proper

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