55 gallon barrels 275 gallon ibc totes steel plastic open top closed top

We are a full service, family owned business with a warehouse storefront.

We accept personal checks and credit cards with valid ID.

All of our products are stored indoors in a temperature controlled warehouse.

We are open to the public.

Monday - Friday by appointment only - please call us to schedule your arrival 303-335-7540

Saturday 8am to 11am no appointment is necessary, but you may want to call in advance to make sure the products you would like are in stock.

Colorado Tank and Barrel

Located at 1233 Bowen Cr, Longmont, CO 80501


Regular stock replenished weekly visit our website for detailed information on all our products: http://www.coloradotankandbarrel.com

FOOD GRADE 55 gallon closed top hdpe2 plastic barrel, may have contained contained vinegar, honey, vanilla, chocolate or other flavoring syrups such as orange, grape and others. In outstanding condition. There is an ounce or two of the product left in each drum, but it is fully water soluble and you can wash them out in minutes with a garden hose. Excellent for your compost tumbler, rain barrel, hydroponics, aeroponic, aquaculture projects, water storage, fuel storage, wvo, svo, biodiesel, etc.. $20.00ea

55 gallon open top plastic hdpe2 barrels with lids and rings - contained distilled water. $40.00ea

55 gallon open top steel barrels, with lids and rings. $25.00ea

15 gallon closed top plastic hdpe2 barrels integrated handle and 2" bung $20.00ea

5 gallon Sterilite stacking totes, clean. $4.50ea

5 gallon white plastic buckets hdpe2, $5.00 w/lids or $3.50 without lids.

3 gallon white plastic buckets hdpe2, $3.00 w/lids or $2.00 without lids.

55 gallon closed top NON FOOD GRADE plastic barrels, contained varied cleaning products like detergents and polishes. Colors are blue, black, green and white. $10.00ea

275 gallon USDA Certified Organic FOOD GRADE 275 gallon IBC ( Intermediate Bulk Containers ) totes - stackable palleted water tanks $90.00ea

Delivery is available as is local pickup - we will gladly load your vehicle using our forklift at our warehouse.

We can help you with freight quotes to any destination in North America.

Do business with a company you can trust to tell you **EXACTLY** what was in each container it sells.

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