5000-6000 Gallons Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olive Oil


I have recently bought a lot of expired olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. The oil is brand new never been opened. It is top quality and was imported from Greece. I have cases of 6x3 liter 12x1 liter and 4x3 liter. I will most likely pour out the oil and blend the oil with another one of my loads but I though I would see if anyone is interested in the oil as is. I believe I have 5k to 6k gallons total? Looking for someone who has a creative use for this product. Could it be used by a restaurant/household? I was reading a bit about the best by dates of olive oil and it can go bad but it can also last for a very long time if it is stored in a cool dry place. It was store well and the man I bought it from was still using it in his restaurants he just had more than he could every use.

Please contact me with questions etc.


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