5-700 gallons of RAW UVO available in long island/ny area saturday.

My normal buyer is not open tomorrow and i have a few emergency accounts I have to collect from. And i have to get the oil off my truck asap because i need it to move so i have to take the tank off and use it over the weekend. So if your on long island or around the area i can deliver it or surrounding area within reason. I expect to be paid on the spot, i have at least 6 references of the largest buyers in the area who ive sold oil to in the last 6 years of my product being standard RAW oil. Email me @ tnsreptiles@yahoo.com First come first serve, when you email me give me your phone number and i will contact you back. IF i have never dealt with you before, i will not take a check from someone i dont know, sorry. This oil is from all my own accounts i have the contracts to prove it.


long island/NY

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