350 Round Tank with a processing table for sale in Orange County

This a 350 tank that sits in top of a table,the table is design to put filters and pumps under the tank. The table is made of iron and tank is made of really thick plastic. I bought this from a biodiesel company that was going out of business. Overall, we didnt have no use for it.

if you would like to see picture please email me at qbivaloer@gmail.com or call me at 562-244-2193 Mike


Orange County

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You did'nt have no use for

You did'nt have no use for it? Why not? Does it work? I might could use a mo-sheen likum dat ifa da price is right... How thick is the plastic on that tank??? Shoot, never mind. It's tomfoolery like that that probably made that biodiesel company go out of business in the first place. They should have invested in a Sir-Filco in the first place....they would have been millionaires by now.

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