275 Gallon Totes in Denver, CO

Width: 40"
Depth: 46"
Height: 47"

These tanks used to contain food grade and non-food grade products. The totes are great for storing waste vegetable oil (WVO or SVO), Biodiesel, liquid chemical solutions, water for pressure washers or showering and more. Perfect for non-potable water.

These huge liquid storage/transport containers have an external skeleton to provide support and some nice tie down points. The tanks hold 275 gallons and fit nicely in a standard pickup

The top has a 6" threaded cap which is great for pouring liquids into the tank. The cap also has a 2" threaded cap inside of it so you can attached a pipe fitting to the top and pump fluids inside. The bottom drain has a 2" ball valve with 2" cam lock fitting. Threads on the end of the cam lock ball valve are for the cap which protects the valve when in storage.

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