275 gallon ibc totes and 55 gallon barrels - food grade

Semi truck load quantities available for most of the products we stock. We can deliver a pallet (4 barrels or 1 ibc tote) anywhere along I-25 between La Junta and Cheyenne for as little as $50.00.

One use food grade 275 gallon ibc totes, that were used to transport USDA organic syrups - excellent condition. Outstanding potable water storage containers, hydroponics reservoirs, aquaculture, tilapia tanks, cisterns, reverse osmosis tanks, rain catchment tanks, fuel tanks, etc. $90.00ea

55 gallon closed top food grade plastic barrels, contained flavoring syrups like orange, grape and others. In outstanding condition. There is an ounce or two of the product left in each drum, but it is fully water soluble and you can wash them out in 2 minutes with a garden hose. Excellent for your composter, rain barrel, hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic or permaculture projects. $20.00ea

55 gallon open top steel barrels with lids and rings, previously contained citrus juice concentrates, clean. $25.00ea

15 gallon closed top plastic food grade barrels, one 2" bung and built in handle. $18.00ea

5 gallon food grade carboys, one 2" screw on cap and breather, built in handle. $5.00ea

55 gallon closed top non-food grade plastic barrels that contained detergents and different types of cleaning and polishing agents. Absolutely not for anything even remotely related to food or water. $10.00ea


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All our products are stored indoors in a clean, well lighted and safe warehouse environment.

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