25000 gallon wvo needed daily!!!

we have the need for 25000 gallon daily of used cooking oil. We have own transportation capabilities. Looking for a continuous supplier east of kansas city, mo.

do not believe willow foods

do not believe willow foods they are thieves from Africa Africa and Africa they have a web site pullshit from Egypt do not fall to them they are Lgouse they will rob you blindly
they will ask you for 25% down payment in which you will never see for the rest of your life do not fall into their trap they are african thieves

Willow Foods

Willow Foods Ltd
North Wales
Company Number 2709713
Food distribution in North Wales & North West England

Mr Cox does not represent our company, we do not trade in bulk oils, he is using our name and part of our details illegally. We are taking steps to stop it happening.

We are a regional food distribution company based in the UK, we do not manufacture any products nor do we export.

We are a legally registered company with accounts and details filed at Companies House in London.

Willow Foods Ltd

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