240d Mercedes Diesel wvo biodiesel veggie car

1978 Mercedes 240D Diesel

take it for a test drive click on the video link


1978 original Mercedes 240D non-turbo diesel

Car is good project car ,motor has Good compression, trans shifts great! does not leak! New pilot bearing and cluch disk,windows work, half shaft boots are good condition body good condition... but has some minor scratches and chips . Interior is in good shape; however some normal wear spots in the seat see photos.

Mechanical in good shape--tires are ok--brakes good-- Nice car--take a look at it! We can get you a price on shipping if you like. Or you can drive it home!

Roll up windows, , radio and heater works, but AC does not blow cold air needs have compressor installed

Drive a 240d Stick and get great mpg!

Good Candidate to convert .... to run on WVO (waste veggie oil) or biodiesel


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