2002 Ford Excursion already converted for sale!

2002 Ford Excursion 7.3 Limited 2wd with WVO (waste vegtable oil) or SVO (straight vegtable oil) or biodiesel conversion - OR run on straight diesel Sadly I need to sell one of my veggie rides and this one is mainly a third vehicle for long trips. This ford 7.3 has 185,000 well maintained miles with a $5k Golden Fuel Systems conversion (www.goldenfuelsystems.com) The system includes a VO Controller which automatically switches over and shuts down the vehicle on diesel. A welded 20 gallon steel tank with Racor aquablock filter and bowl is attached for diesel and the original 44 gallon diesel tank holds all of the filtered oil. The stock tank also has a Racor aqua block set up with 2 micron filter. this set up is safe to run B100 biodiesel in the winter as well in the heated tanks. If you have a restaurant that will give you oil I will be happy to tell you about how to filter and collect. The truck has been very regularly maintained by a local mechanic that specializes in diesels with 3k oil changes, transmission changes and periodic flush. This excursion has not given me hardly any issues except a glow plug. All waste oil that has been used goes through a total of 10 filters down to 1 micron and then a 2 micron aquablock and then the stock fuel filter. The stock fuel pump has been replaced for a F.A.S.S fuel pump and a new GV-10 3 valve assembly was recently added to assist with purging and to prevent fuel cross contamination. The truck is leather with an upgraded stereo, pwr seats, mirrors, ect. Roof rack. Tow brake installed but never used. First tank of oil included! Email dcfergs@gmail.com if interested.

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