1999 Ford F250 with Golden Fuel System installed

1999 Ford F250 for sale for $8000 OBO that has the Golden Fuel System so it runs on straight waste veggie oil. It still runs on diesel, you start the truck on diesel and wait for the engine and clean grease to heat up to about 180 degrees, there are read outs on the driver side, and flip the switch and you are running CLEANED RESTAURANT GREASE!!!!
It is a custom installation, but there are similar ones listed on the Golden Fuel Systems website: http://www.goldenfuelsystems.com/products_systems_ford.php. Installed professionally at their affiliated garage in Houston. Runs on grease straight out of the storage tanks behind your favorite restaurants.
This is a wonderful truck, but with recent unemployment and new baby...we just have to let it go. 156,300 miles
-It is a standard
-Crew cab with 4 doors
- long bed
- lockable tool box
- Racor 1000FH fuel filter (mounted on 100g Tank)
- Golden Fuels system
- Extra Racor 1000FH fuel filter connected to 3gph pump mounted on board (one step filtration)
- Separate 10 gallons/minute transfer pump ( for quick transfers ) clean or dirty GREASE
- Extra car battery for the (2) pumps
- Extra 3 micron and 10 micron fuel filters
- 100 gallon auxiliary (in truck bed) tank for the clean grease
- Grease gauges mounted on driver side

We will also throw in 5 50 gallon drums and the Golden Fuel Systems grease dvd. That goes over what grease to look for and ways of establishing a relationship with restaurants

email: laurieb3(at)hotmail.com if interested

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