1998 Mercedes E300TD with 2 tank SVO system $12,500 OBO

I have a 1998 E300TD with 162,xxx miles on it in good condition. I had it professionally converted to a 2 tank straight vegetable oil system by a company in Oberlin Ohio. They installed a golden fuel systems 16 gallon custom heated tank and lines with an inline filter.

I have a switch next to the headlights to switch to svo, and to purge after running svo. They also installed a vacuum gauge to help show when the engine is having trouble pulling fuel (for example when the svo filter needs replaced) and a second fuel gauge for the svo tank.

I have had all service done at a mercedes benz dealership by a diesel mechanic who also installed a golden fuel system in his mercedes. Both my mechanic at mercedes and my mechanic at Full Circle Fuels in Oberlin have been great to work with and this car has been really well taken care of.

The body is in fair condition, it does have some rust beginning to show which is pretty common for this generation, but no major dents or body damage. The interior is also in fair condition some minor tears in the leather but nothing major.

I really like this car but I don't have the time to spend collecting oil like I intended therefore I haven't run it on oil in over a year. Also the weather in Cleveland hasn't been easy for this car, although it does have a block heater (which helps). Overall this is a very clean car with a very tidy installation of a SVO kit. Whoever buys this will be very happy with their purchase.

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