1998 Mercedes Benz E300 Turbo Diesel - $9,900 OBO

$9,900 OBO
1998 Mercedes Benz E300 Turbo Diesel, Good condition in and out, very clean car, mechanically and aesthetically. 164,000 miles. Runs great, reliable, all interior features and options work fine, no external damage or dents, no dings, worst exterior feature is a cloudy (due to UV fade) plastic head lamp lens on right side (left side has been replaced already :). Never wrecked, 3rd owner. All power windows, seats, sunroof work fine. Leather. 6 CD audio w/AM/FM (CD changer in trunk), factory. Light gray interior, white exterior. Brakes and rotors all 4 wheels have only 25K mi., tires have about 35K mi. on them, will need tires in 15K mi. Trans fluid and filter last changed at 140K mi. Regular maint. on all systems. Maint records from 2 owners. Exterior paint and clear coat in good condition.

Purchased 2 years ago for WVO (waste veggie oil) fuel conversion but never installed, wife nixed the plan, liked the car too much to allow me to mess with it like that, long story, serious buyers will get to hear it :). So this is a prime car now for that purpose, good price point. I built/converted 2 veggies already (an earlier MB and F250 Powerstroke) so I get plenty of play time with that stuff on other vehicles :) I'm simply done driving a car with high miles like this without going veggie, so I'm selling it to purchase the wife a gas driver and be done with it. I'll continue to play veggie with F250 PSD :) I have all veggie plans, diagrams, filtering, handling, and process in garage, can mentor anyone willing to learn.

One minor issue - Recently began to start rough (idle rough lasting 15 seconds) when cold, so may have one fouling injector or bad glow plug, I have not diagnosed it yet nor do I intend to, since I have already purchased replacement gas car for the wife.

More pictures here - http://picasaweb.google.com/lou.cipriano/98MBE300TDForS...

Write or call Lou anytime, 919.816.86.four.six

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