1998 jetta tdi vegetable oil greasecar for sale

The only reason I am selling this car is that it has become too small for my current needs, I need a much larger vehicle now. I absolutely loved this car, that is why I am the only owner and that is why I have kept it so long and it is also the reason I have done such an incredible job of keeping up with all of the maintenance on the car AND IT IS ESPECIALLY the reason the car has lasted 250k miles and can go another 250k with some minor improvements to the few things that I have not gotten to.

The good:

I can have this car shipped or delivered if necessary, most likely by me. I can also bring this car to you in the Southern CA area if you want to look at it or drive it.

Greasecar Kit installed to burn waste vegetable oil as fuel including temperature guage and fuel volume gauge for the secondary trunk tank as well as an alarm to warn you if you have not purged the fuel system prior to engine shut down. www.greasecar.com

You can run diesel, biodiesel or waste vegetable oil in this car, if you back out of your driveway with the main tank toped off with diesel and the secondary vegetable oil trunk tank toped off with free used vegetable oil from a restaraunt you have an ASTONISHING 1300 mile range AND THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY EXTRA FREE VEGETABLE OIL YOU TAKE WITH YOU IN CUBBIES!

Sun roof works, paint exterior is green.

The carpet dash cover has been on since new so no cracks and mint condition on the dash.

One owner car since new, this has really been an AMAZING CAR. I mean I have NEVER seen a car run this great for so long and it use to get an honest 50 mpg highway and 38 mpg city.

All new injector pump, manual pump with throttle cable from pedal to pump. I do not know if this has changed the mpg at all as I never really did any real world tests after the pump overhaul. The long term plan here WAS to eventually overhaul this engine and put it in my wife's geo tracker jeep and so that was the reason to change to the manual injector pump when I did the recent pump overhaul. Most of my TDI friends overhauled their pumps at around 180k miles or so. I attribute the LONG LIFE of my pump to a lot of freeway driving and the veggie I think has better lubrication than diesel.

Total mileage is 250,000 miles and yes the odometer is working, a bulk of these miles were freeway miles back and forth from Los Angeles to Redding. This has only been a California car since new. The only other states it ever went to were NV UT AND AZ.

All new tires.

New Battery-Pep Boys. 12/10

New rotors and breaks done at Midas Norwalk.

I have EVERY SINGLE service record on the car from new to present. It is a very thick file of work that was performed over the years at Circle Imports in Long beach and then Timmons VW in Long Beach. The only exceptions to this is that once the GREASECAR system was installed on the car most of the work was then done at three different independent vw shops, I can give you their contact information and you can verify the work if you like at each.

Original clutch in great shape, I have changed the oil in the manual transmission as well as the break fluid oil.

Alternator was just overhauled 12/10.

New k and n airfilter cone. A much improved air induction system of the stock vw box filter arrangement.

In line electric fuel boost pump added. With the manual pump the in line electric boost and and the air induction modifications this car has a TON of toque and pullout if you just drive it in the right groove on the rpm and don't attempt to wind it up too high rpm wise. You climb hills like a bat out of hell with this turbocharged arrangement.

Fresh oil change. The oil was originally changed EVERY 5K MILES up until the last 12k where it was changed every 3k miles. All synthetic all the time.

Fresh smog (new requirement) for diesels.

Trailer hitch was installed by U HAUL a neat feature.

I can throw in a large amount of clean filtered vegetable oil to sweaten the deal. You can drive away with an incredible fuel range right there. Save hundreds of dollars right out of the box.

New door locking and unlocking mechanism was installed by Timmons VW Long Beach.

I have two key fobs one is working one needs to be reprogramed or it needs a battery in it.

ALL NEW AIRCONDITIONER COMPRESSOR installed at TEMPCO in long beach, when this was done they also replaced the belts on the radiator fan and they replaced ONE of the cooling fans there as well as the bearings on it as it had frozen.

FROM NEW TO THE PRESENT the timeing belt has been changed every 60k miles as recommended and every 120k miles the water pump was changed out.

You can have my box of spare parts and my fuel filters for the greasecar system.

New fuel filter installed.


On the ROOF the paint is fadeing, if you mask it off and just shoot the roof alone the car would present a lot better. On the front hood there is a small area where the clear coat blemished a bit. If you wanted to you could just repaint the entire car at maaco or something like that and it would probably look great then.

Original shocks front and rear, could use replaceing. They were never replaced at all during the 250k miles run. Midas can do both the front and rears and replace the rubber donut thing on the top fronts and then they warranty that work FOR LIFE you just bring the car back every 70k miles or whatever and they do it all again for you FOR FREE - FOREVER!

The trunk will not pop open with the electronic key opener - you either have to push the button inside of the car to open the trunk or open it the old fashion way with a key. It's just not worth fixing. Also the two hydraulic lifters for the trunk lid are shot, you can get these at a salvage yard or buy new, for now you need to ASSIST the lid in closeing or it will drop hard and slam shut with a big noise.

The glove box is locked closed, the latch broke off and it cannot be opened, a whole new box can be purchased at the vw salvage yard on A steet east of El Monte airort, in the same vein the cover for the cup holder for the rear seats is missing - see A street salvage yard.

The AC needs recharging, it blows cool but not cold.

One small chip in the front windshield VERY SMALL you can fix this with a kit if you like.

Rear bumper has a small crack, you will see it if you peal off the bumper sticker that covers it. A total repaint would fix this.

There is a six cd changer in the trunk but on my last road trip it did not work, it may be intermittent at this point.

I am a pilot and I have a real appreciation for equipment that not only works but works efficiently. I have owned 7 vw's in my lifetime, all of them diesels. This was probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE because with the stick shift and the manual roll up windows what could go wrong? I mean this car was a bullet proof commuting animal and it shows, look at the number of miles i put on this car all at around 50 mpg, it certainly paid for itself with way above average mpg.

I am throwing in an INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT LESSON in a small plane if you purchase this car, thats a value of nearly 200.00 by me a 20 plus year flight instructor and corporate pilot.

When you look at what I have recently spent on:

1 - trailer hitch 300
2 - alternator 200
3 - injector pump 1,000
4 - grease car kit and installation 1,000
5 - tires 400
6 - misc. reparis 200

Total 3100

I am literally GIVING this car to you. Not to mention the following:

ROI (Return on Investment) First of all - you get NO ROI with any regular GAS car - you spend to own and you spend to maintain & you spend lots on fuel to operate. WITH THIS CAR you spend pennys on fuel to operate - so it will save you money - In fact, the more you have to drive - the more you are saving instead of spending. With this car - there is a ROI.
Follow this scenerio; comparing Diesel Fuel vs: WVO - cost for 1 years avg. driving:

This vw gets approx 50 mpg on the highway and 38 in the city, but for easy figuring lets say 25 MPG we use 25 mpg because thats what the average gas driving guy is used to as opposed to the real world 50 mpg of this turbo charged direct injected diesel.

The average miles per year is listed at 15,000 miles.
15,000 / 25mpg = 600 gallons of fuel.

DIESEL: Right now its at approximately 3.50 per gallon. 600 X $3.50 = $2,100.00 for 1 year of 15,000 miles.

The greasecar WVO kit just saved you $2,100.00 in the first year.
In just over one year you cover the entire cost of the car! Can't do that with a regular car.

This is a no brainer. Look at the numbers: WVO is free. If you want I can LOAD YOU UP with a carload to get you started, in the LONG RUN should you be unable to locate a good source of WVO I could always sell you some of my good go go juice later down the road should you have troubles finding your own. The more you must drive the more valuable this system becomes.

I have saved a ton of money on fuel to cover the cost of this car, the greasecar kit, and probably most of the maintenance, tires etc. Isn't that Amazing! If you run this car for 3 or 4 years you will have saved enough in fuel costs to totally pay for the whole car ownership & operation including maintenance. I can even tell you where to take it to have work done it if need be.

You sure can't do that with any gasoline vehicle and you won't find someone as helpful as I am regarding providing you with all types of information to help you get started in this new direction.

SO LET'S RECAP, I am nearly giving you a car, I am nearly giving you a boatload of veggie to get you started, I can sell you veggie long term if you need it so you have no worries there and I can answer any questions for you should you need information as you SPOOL UP heading full blast into a non petroleum motoring world.

This is a very detailed write up because for one I care and for two in my opinion I would like this amazing car go to someone that wants it and can use it.

Call me if you like but e mails are always best


cell 562 712 5646 JOHN

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