1987 Mercedes 300TD FOR SALE - Approx. 40,000 miles on replacement motor 116000 on car/body - $4000 OBO

I have a 1987 Mercedes 300TD Wagon for sale. In great shap for the year.

Runs great, everything works on it.

Clearcoat peeling in some places. Replaced rear windshield (shown in video busted) with plexiglass.

A picture is worth a 1000 words
Here is a video on youtube:


It shows everything.

Excellent car. I have seen these cars go into the 300,000 miles mark. This one was bought as a greasecar project. (have a golden fuel systems kit for it in great shape) never got around to converting it.. I will be converting my 2000 VW Golf TDi instead (better fuel mileage)

So this will be sold to the person with the best offer.

Contact me @ giannisfrostburg@hotmail.com

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