1987 Mercedes 300 TD For Sale - Converted for WVO/BioDiesel

-Great condition, clean title -Straight-6 turbo
-Converted to run on Diesel, BioDiesel or Waste Vegetable Oil (or any combination of the 3)
-Single-tank conversion by Plant Drive
-New Rear Brakes, Rear Rotors, Alternator, Fan Clutch, Thermostat, Fuel Filters, Glow Plugs and Fuel Lines. Fuel Tank Screen cleaned, all repairs done by trained professionals.
-All maintenance records included
-Has been run on 50/50 mix of Diesel and professionally filtered WVO
-Has room for 7 with seatbelts (kids' seat in the rear) or fold down rear seats completely for 9 feet of cargo room.
-Extremely durable engine
-One of only 2600 sold in the States
-30+ MPG, less CO2 emissions than a Prius
-Located in Santa Clara, CA
-Call 858-354-1796 or email keymacn at yahoo

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